Predator Seminar Information


andrew lewand: Thanks, saw it. ive been wearing new snow camo outfit Mar 5, 2019 9:25:27 GMT -5 *
slater14: I added my most of my kills for the year. I still have another 10 or so... Mar 5, 2019 14:43:10 GMT -5
slater14: Another 2 dog night Mar 8, 2019 8:01:39 GMT -5
pamick: Wow can’t seem to shake off the rust. Called in a pair in the wee hours of this morning & blew what should of been a chip shot. Feel like a rookie again ??? Mar 18, 2019 17:02:57 GMT -5
mikeyb: I am sorry that I have no details, I just saw a Facebook post from his wife and the predator hunting community has lost a great friend. It breaks my heart terribly to share this news. Steve154 has passed away. I wi try to share more as I find out. Mar 19, 2019 9:46:14 GMT -5
mikeyb: Please keep Steve's wife and children in your prayers. Mar 19, 2019 9:47:19 GMT -5
jim3675885: We'll definitely be praying .... We've lost a TRUE FRIEND and a GREAT PERSON :( Mar 19, 2019 13:47:44 GMT -5
pamick: So sad to hear. Way to young. Life is truly a gift. So sorry for his families loss. Mar 19, 2019 19:58:28 GMT -5
snowviper: Praying.... Steve was a great guy he will be missed by many Mar 19, 2019 20:39:09 GMT -5
cyber36: RIP Stevie..... Mar 20, 2019 6:52:31 GMT -5
andrew lewand: Pat Jeffries, longtime BATMCC Hunter, has also passed away! Sad days for everyone :( Mar 20, 2019 8:28:11 GMT -5
andrew lewand: I’m howling them in like crazy... red fox, that is!!!!!! Mar 28, 2019 5:14:12 GMT -5
pamick: Called one in last night too :) Mar 28, 2019 14:56:40 GMT -5
dirtnap223: I saw a handful of fox all year and in the past two times out have called in 4 cats and 11 or 12 fox. in the immortal words of Mike Tyson (that's ludicrous) Mar 28, 2019 22:17:23 GMT -5
pamick: Seasons over so they’re coming out of the woodwork :D (rofl) (rofl) Mar 29, 2019 15:43:59 GMT -5
pamick: Have to go look again this morning for recovery. Man I hate that. Had a couple firsts for me, shot at two in the rain & shot the most shots ever & NOTHING to show for it :-[. Dang Murphy, just can’t seem to shake him O_o Mar 30, 2019 5:40:34 GMT -5
pamick: Well after dropping the first one in it’s tracks and getting its feet under it again I thought after the shower of lead I gave it it would be laying close by. >:D. Exciting set but no pics with Wiley ! Luckily our season is 365 days a year here in Pa. :D Mar 30, 2019 15:14:43 GMT -5 *
pmack: Rain fog rain fog maybe tomorrow my turkey season will brighten up >:D May 4, 2019 6:30:46 GMT -5
pamick: A buddy & I called in 4 jakes at 7am. Only 3 left ! Jim brought along a decoy called The Funky Chicken ( jake ) . They didn’t like Funky , lol ! I have never laughed so much turkey hunting. After circling it a few times, knocking it down & pecking Funky May 6, 2019 20:01:54 GMT -5
pamick: numerous times, I don’t think Jim could take my laughing anymore. He rescued Funky with a kaboom & blew the beard right off of that jake ! Needless to say my laughter got much louder :D (rofl) (rofl) It was a great morning !!! May 6, 2019 20:05:56 GMT -5